Cow Creek Doodles (here after Seller) and ______________________ (here after & Buyer) on the date in
good health, up-to-date on immunizations appropriate for the age of the puppy and has been given
worming medication, when the Buyer takes possession of the puppy. The Buyer has four days (96
hours-excluding Saturdays and Sundays) to take the puppy to a veterinarian for an examination. If the puppy
is found to be in poor health that could be life threatening, the Buyer has the option of returning the puppy (
at Buyers cost) for a refund or exchange, or keeping the puppy, and the Seller will reimburse all veterinarian
costs up to the purchase price for related treatment for any pre-existing condition that is life threatening. If
Warranty for two years from the date of birth (DOB) against debilitating congenital defects that is physical
and/or life threatening. If a diagnosis of a defect occurs, the Seller will be notified immediately and supplied
with the health records from a licensed veterinarian. 3. If it is determined that the puppy has a congenital
defect or genetic disorder that is identified within the two year Health Guarantee, the Buyer has the option of
either a replacement puppy from the next litter or reimbursement. All cumulated treatment reimbursements
may not exceed the purchase price. In the case of a replacement puppy all shipping costs are paid by the
Buyer. 4. The Health Warranty does not include viral diseases, infections, improper bites, removal of puppy
teeth, hernias, testicles not descended, hypoglycemia, inverted vulva, prolapse, Guardia, parasites
(worms),  inverted vulva, or coccidosis. Nor does it include any illness due to the ingestion of foreign
objects, food, chemicals, or physical injury. 5. If the puppy should die from a suspected congenital defect
within the two years Health Guarantee, an autopsy must be performed (at Buyer expense) by a licensed
veterinarian and written documents/examination be forwarded to the Seller. If the autopsy shows the puppy
died from a congenital defect, the Seller will provide a replacement puppy of equal value to the Buyer
(shipping is at the cost of the Buyer). The warranty is void in the event of an indeterminable or inconclusive
diagnosis. 6. The Seller cannot guarantee size, temperament, coat, or color of the puppy as an adult. We
can only estimate according to the parents. 7. The Buyer agrees to pay the Seller the total sum of
$__________ for the puppy. A $250 non-refundable deposit is included. This fee does not include
shipping, if shipping is required. 8. If the Buyer microchips the puppy, the number and relevant information
will be given to the Seller. Or have the option of the Seller microchipping the puppy at buyers cost. 9. If for
any reason the puppy needs to be re-homed, the Buyer will give the Seller every opportunity to place the
puppy with another appropriate home.
10. The breeding of the puppy is not an option without purchasing
breeding rights ($3000 additional) within a reasonable time after the puppy is 6 months of age but
before one year of age.
 The Buyer will agree to spay/neuter the puppy within 6 months and not breed your
puppy (Copy must be provided to breeder).

Deposit paid _______Due_______

Seller: Dane Mefford,
685 E. Jerry Wayne Lane, Marlow, OK 73055.
Phone: 580-
641-1597                                                           Date____________________