Cow Creek is a small creek that was a watering hole and
campground for drovers on the historic Chisholm Trail in
southwestern Oklahoma.
Cow Creek Doodles is a mini goldendoodle breeder in Oklahoma, located in
that went into raising fantastic and healthy goldendoodles.   
Goldendoodles just seemed the way to go in developing a breeding
program.  We are people who care about pets and now are involved in the
are in and around our home most of the day and get plenty of caring
attention (especially from the kids!). We are raising the best in mini
goldendoodles. The dogs are health tested and come with a two year
genetic health guarantee. Dane and Kim Mefford, and children, live  in
Marlow, Oklahoma.
 Home of the Marlow Outlaws-Marlow Brothers.
The tale of the Marlow brothers inspired the fantastic movie--
"Sons of Katie Elder".
A litte about us  @ Cow Creek Doodles.....