Mini-Goldendoodles   F1 (Golden Retriever & Mini Poodle Cross)  =  $1800.

Mini Goldendoodles F1b (Mini Goldendoodle & Mini Poodle Cross) = $1800.

Mini Petite Goldendoodles F1b (Mini Petite Goldendoodle & Mini Poodle Cross)=$2000.

Mini Irishdoodles F1 (Irish Setter & Mini Poodle Cross) = $1800.

English Cream Mini-Goldendoodles   F1 (English Cream Golden Retriever & Mini Poodle
Cross)  =  $2200.

Call for details: Dane (580) 658-1597) or Kim (580) 641-2737

Travel for delivery:  If you'd like us to deliver or meet somewhere enroute, please let us
know so we can discuss it. Some travel is additional cost to the price of the puppy.   Gift
packs are given to all that includes chew toys, blanket, toys, sample of dog food, ext.
(as example).

Make payments out to either: Dane Mefford or Kim Mefford
Deposit Policy

Our deposit is $250 and will be accepted after your application is approved. (Go
to application page or we can e-mail you the page).  
Deposits are

We accept deposits on litters prior to or at time of breeding.  This will place you
on our waiting list, thus reserving your puppy.  Should you adopt a puppy after it
is 4 weeks of age, the full puppy price must be sent to secure your puppy.
contact us, and secure a deposit.

For all payments:  We accept money orders,
cashiers checks, and cash payments. Make payments
out to either: Dane Mefford or Kim Mefford
Cow Creek Doodles