Health Testing & Genetics
All of Cow Creek Doodles’ breeding dogs will go through
health testing to provide the best quality and healthy dogs. All
tests.  The breeding dogs will be tested  and receive a
passing OFA score on Hips, Elbows, Cardiac, and also CERF
on their eyes.

We play with our puppies using dog toys so they are use to
having toys. Also they are socialized with us (my family, children,
and other dogs) so they will be ready for their new families (you
and your family)!!!

Improper Bites---
Poodles seem to have a genetic issue (the improper bite or
underbite) that crops up from time to time. Many breeders have
yet to be able to stop it because it involves eight genes. Any two
of the eight genes randomly matching can cause it. Poodles
seem to be the carriers of one of the eight genes, so which
random breeding partners express it in a few of their offspring
is always a surprise. The improper bite or underbite is far from
a serious concern and is not life threatening or life altering. It is
a homozygous recessive gene that both the dam and sire could
be guilty of passing it on to their offspring. It is commonly not
possible to actually see the underbite until teeth come in
around 6 to 7 weeks of age. There are a few purebreds in which
an underbite is the breed standard.
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