Cow Creek Doodles Parents
Archie-(Mini Poodle)
Great guy, loves attention and playing
with the other dogs.
All of our parent dogs have been specially chosen.  They go through the best of
health testing that includes passing marks on OFA hips and elbows, OFA heart
and CERF on eyes testing. They are full blood  golden retrievers and poodles.
And our goldendoodle parents come from our breeding stock. This is done to
give you and your family the best in your new addition, your puppy.

Prissy Paisley-
(AKC Golden Retriever)
Great girl who loves to run and run. She is a
sweety to that loves to get attention.
Sugar-( AKC Golden Retriever)
Runs and plays hard.  She is very
affectionate. Sugar loves to give
you Sugar (kisses)!
Cowboy - Cowboy (Mini Poodle)
A great boy that loves the country
living. He also likes to play with toys.
He lives with my mother-in-law, Martha.
Sophie- (An F1 Mini Goldendoodle)
from Sugar and Rowdy Jay.
A super great girl that is full of energy
and love. She has a lot of fun just
running around and craves attention.
Cow Creek Doodles
Mini Goldendoodles for you and your family!
Zoey- (F1 Mini Goldendoodle)
She is our wonderful girl that lives inside with
us. She is a great girl who loves to cuddle
with us and play a good game of fetch.
Our Girls
Our Boys
Olive-(AKC English Cream Golden Retriever)
Great English Cream girl. Super loving and loves
to be rubbed on her belly.
Dixie-( AKC Golden Retriever)
A wonderful girl who craves
attention and wants to be by your
side all the time.
Sage-( AKC Golden Retriever)
A great girl who loves you and
wants to be by your side.
Reba-(F1 Mini Goldendoodle)
Great girl who loves to run and play.
Loves playing with the other dogs.
Mia-(F1 Mini Goldendoodle)
Bundle of joy and soooo loving!!!!