Mini Goldendoodle puppies for sale!

Quality Goldendoodle  Breeder

We are a quality mini goldendoodle breeder in Oklahoma.
Goldendoodles are the best in designer dogs. Located in the SW
part of Oklahoma. Our dogs are home grown and get lots of love
and attention. We work hard to provide beautiful and healthy dogs
that will be a great addition for your family to enjoy. Mini
Goldendoodle breeder in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas,
Colorado and all over the United States
: We ship and deliver.
We breed  mini goldendoodles and spend lots of time
providing socialization and playing with our puppies to
make sure they become great companions for your
family. We love raising these designer dogs in
Oklahoma. The health of our dogs and puppies is
important. We test our parent dogs and give a 2 year
health guarantee for our puppies.
Welcome to Cow Creek Doodles, the best quality mini
goldendoodle breeder. Located in Southwestern            
Oklahoma. Goldendoodles for sale in Oklahoma.
Goldendoodles for sale in Texas, and all of USA.

We welcome you to browse our site, cause we love showing you
our extended family. Give us a call  or contact anytime........we love
to talk and visit.  

Dane Mefford                          Kim Mefford
Cell: (580) 641-1597             Cell: (580) 641-2737


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Excellent, quality puppies for your family!!!
Extensive customer service and more!!!
Small breeder for personal touch!!!
Website updated Dec. 6,  2014
Fall is my
kind of time!!!
Puppy playing in
We have 2 litters due Dec. 22-27. Ready for Valentines.  Taking reservations.
Cow Creek Doodles
Mini Goldendoodles for you and your family!
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Mini Goldendoodle from
Cow Creek Doodles
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mini goldendoodle at
Welcome to the best quality mini goldendoodle breeder!
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Litter from  Chrissy and Rowdy,
Taking Reservations.
Also expecting Valentines Puppies from Sage's litter. due Dec. 22nd.
And Puppet's litter due Dec. 27th!!!
Chrissy's girl at 1 week old.
Born on Thanksgiving Day!!!
Chrissy's boy at 1 week old.
Born on Thanksgiving Day!!!